• Features On Binance Futures That You Should Try Out

    Key Takeaways:

    • Binance Futures introduced five new features to enhance users’ trading experience.

    • These features blend elements of gaming, social networking, and cryptocurrency trading.

    • The new and improved Binance Futures homepage features all derivatives products and resources under one roof.

    Do you want to test your trading skills against other crypto traders worldwide? Imagine competing against other traders on a daily basis, gamifying your trading experience, and at the same time, winning prizes. Wouldn't that be great? Or perhaps, do you want to follow and interact with the best traders on Binance Futures?

    Imagine being able to track positions of the most profitable crypto traders in the world and watching the enormous amounts of profits they raked in every day. Binance Futures allows you to do that with its exciting new features that will take your trading experience to a whole new level.

    We've introduced five cool features that will enhance your trading experience with us. Before we explore these cool features, check out the new and improved Binance Futures homepage featuring all derivatives products and resources under one roof.

    1. Binance Futures Battle 

    Binance Futures Battle function was recently launched and has attracted great interest from retail traders worldwide. Battle is our latest feature that allows traders to compete with each other to earn points. It blends elements of gaming and cryptocurrency trading by placing traders head to head in a battle to see who is the most profitable trader over a certain period.

    The rules are simple. Users only need to predict Bitcoin's direction in the next 5 minutes, and go long or short. Players who predict the opposite direction will be matched against you automatically.

    2. Binance Futures Leaderboard 

    Binance Futures' Leaderboard is a fusion of social network and cryptocurrency trading that allows you to view and follow the positions of the best traders on the platform. Top-performing traders may share their positions, and any Binance Futures user can follow and keep track of those positions. Without surprise, it has quickly gained traction with novice traders, enabling them to ride the coattails of the best traders in the crypto world.

    3. Asset Conversion 

    Binance's Asset conversion function allows you to convert assets directly in your coin-margined wallet without the need to transfer them from the spot market. Assets can be converted to other supported assets, as listed below.

    4. Cross Collateral 

    Cross Collateral is an innovative feature that allows users to collateralize their crypto assets to borrow against another crypto asset

    5. Price Protection 

    Price protection is a relatively new feature that helps protect users in extreme market conditions. Price Protection is a feature that protects your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders from extreme price swings. In the event the Last price and Mark price deviates significantly above a predetermined threshold, triggering both Stop Loss and Take Profit orders simultaneously, both orders will not be triggered.